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May. 24th, 2010 | 03:06 pm
location: Minneapolis
posted by: assika126 in loringexchange

Your first name: Jody

Age: 27

How you pay the bills: Executive Administrative Assistant at a University, Massage therapist on the weekends

Hobbies, aspirations, and/or obsessions:  I like all things crafty.  I'm a massage therapist, woodcrafter (specifically woodturning), I make jewelry (mostly wire and semiprecious beads but some soldiering and lapidary experience).  I have in the past done bookbinding, knitting, sewing, paper arts, ceramics.  My next goal is glassblowing!  I am interested in escaping the 9-5 mindset and supporting my lifestyle in a more flexible way, and traveling with my husband.  I also do a lot of research in alternative health care, interested in difficult to solve issues (i.e., lyme's disease, addison's, etc)

Formal training in: Massage Therapy

Skills and Talents:  Former research assistant at biotech firm, so I know how to read medical journal-ese.  Executive assistant with 7 plus years of experience in a variety of environments (biotech, IT, education, health care).  Great at organizing tasks, doing internet searches and collating results (useful and well-referenced vs. unvalidated/personal experience).  Good at doing whatever is needed.  Good with my hands - quick learner.  I have a cat and am experienced at giving medication, we even had to force-feed him food and water for a while (he's better now).

Other resources at your disposal:  My husband is a musician and composer who works in film, commercials/tv, and video games, and he is a member of a band that hires out for gigs and private shows.  My dad builds computers for cheap.  My brother is a network administrator who specializes in knotty problems in code.  Oh, and I have reliable transportation.

Interested in learning/receiving/etc:  Want to learn Spanish and learn to operate a successful small business.  Seek opportunities for travel.  Teach me an unusual craft form.  I like nice furniture and woodshop tools or supplies for crafting. 

Would be willing to offer (xxxx) in exchange:   Look above or extrapolate - I can do massage (professional work ONLY), executive assistant work, I can do searches and collate data for you, I can teach you how to pill your cat, I can make/craft objects for you (I can design it or work off your design).  If you want to know if I can do it, just ask!

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